This Week's Weird News 12/10/21

A 'mystery hut' spotted on the far side of the moon, a possible Bigfoot filmed in Georgia, and an out-of-place ancient earring unearthed in Denmark are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

A pair of puzzling paranormal videos popped up on our radar this past week beginning with a piece of footage, purportedly filmed by a pilot, showing an eerie set of lights hovering over the South China Sea. Although the witness expressed bewilderment while watching the weird scene unfold, skeptics who have watched the video argue that the UFOs were likely military flares. Meanwhile, Bigfoot enthusiasts had their eyebrows raised over an odd video, said to have been filmed in Georgia earlier this year, in which a large, seemingly bipedal creature can be seen standing up and roaming through a wooded area. Could it have been the legendary Sasquatch or was it simply a person in a suit? We'll let you decide.

An object from the distant past stunned experts this past week when a metal detectorist in Denmark unearthed a 1,000-year-old golden earring from the Byzantine era that was unlike anything that has ever been found in Scandinavia. The shocking discovery was made by Frants Fugl Vestergaard as he searched a field near the community of Bøvling. His initial surprise at finding the ornate object was compounded when he showed it to experts at the National Museum of Denmark and they marveled at its jaw-dropping rarity. How the golden earring wound up in Denmark is a mystery, though it it theorized that the jewelry may have been a gift given to a Viking bodyguard by the Byzantine emperor.

This past week saw a particularly odd image emerge on the far side of the moon by way of a photo, taken by China’s Yutu 2 lunar rover, which shows what the country's space agency described as a 'mystery hut.' The curious cube-shaped object, which is located next to a sizeable crater, was spotted on the horizon by stunned scientists manning the craft. To their credit, the intrigued space agency immediately turned the rover towards the 'house' and it is now en route to investigate the anomaly. While it will take two or three months for the craft to reach the object, one assumes that it will be able to take clearer pictures as it gets closer and, hopefully, shed some light on what the mysterious 'hut' might be.

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