President Biden Hosts French President For Lobster And Caviar State Dinner


Photo: Getty Images

President Joe Biden hosted French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House on Thursday (December 1), marking the first state visit of his presidency.

The two world leaders promoted the strong alliance between America and France and said the relationship between the two allies is vital amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“France and the United States are once again defending the democratic values and universal human rights which are the hearts of both our nations,” President Biden said during a welcoming ceremony at the White House. “We are proving to people around the world that democracies deliver from our joint leadership.”

“As war returns to European soil following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and in light of the multiple crises our nations and all societies face, we need to become brothers in arms once more,” Macron said.

“Our democracies on both sides of the ocean are being shaken by the same doubts as to our ability to be sufficiently strong and effective when it comes to the challenges we share of climate to politics to technology,” he added. “They’re in doubt in the face of reluctance, hate speech, false information, and today’s fears.”

The two are scheduled to meet to discuss a multitude of issues before a state dinner this evening. The guest list includes 300 people who will dine on poached main lobster and caviar.

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