Washington State's High-Capacity Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

.45 ACP bullets with gun magazine on white background

Photo: Arthit Pornpikanet / iStock / Getty Images

A Washington state law banning high-capacity ammunition magazines has been ruled unconstitutional by a local judge. The ban, which was put in place in 2022, prohibits the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Gary Bashor ruled that this ban violates both the state and U.S. constitutions. He issued an immediate injunction to stop the state from enforcing the ban. In his ruling, Judge Bashor referred to a U.S. Supreme Court decision stating that gun regulations must be consistent with the nation's historical tradition of firearm regulation.

He wrote, "There was no appetite to limit gun rights by the Founders. Though the specific technology available today may not have been envisioned, the Founders expected technological advancements."

Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson appealed the decision to the state Supreme Court. He argued that the law is "essential to addressing mass shootings in our communities."

"This law saves lives, and I will continue to defend it," Ferguson said.

The Supreme Court granted Ferguson's request for an emergency stay, keeping the ban in place while the state appeals Bashor's decision.

The ruling came after Ferguson sued Gator's Guns in Kelso, Washington, alleging the store continued to sell high-capacity magazines after the ban took effect. In its defense, Gator's Guns challenged the law's constitutionality.

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