Governor DeSantis says Florida has nation's lowest COVID infection rate

As health officials worry about the new Omicron strain, Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida has the lowest COVID infection rate in the country- one infection per 100,000 residents according to the COVIDESTIM Project from Yale, Harvard and Stanford.

"But a lot of those places that have the high infections, they have mandates and they have passports," Governor DeSantis said, "and so I think we should get real here and we shouldn't be imposing any type of mandates or restrictions on the American people."

Governor DeSantis says candidate Joe Biden sold voters a 'bill of goods' on the campaign trail last year when he said he would 'shut down' the pandemic.

"If you elected him he would shut down COVID. Well, that hasn't happened. Right now you see massive waves in Michigan and Maine and some of these other places and you see waves taking off in other states in the Northeast."

President Biden said Thursday things could get worse this winter because of the Omicron variant.

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