Alleged Murder Suspect in Central Florida is My Ex Coworker

Finding out an old coworker made an appearance on a reality show (which has happened) or started their own business can be interesting to learn about. Finding out your old coworker was arrested for fleeing and eluding law enforcement is not. Then finding out they are an alleged murder suspect is more even shocking. I worked with the suspect, Steven Clary, at a fine dining restaurant in Orlando, Florida, four years ago.

Clary never gave me any issues at work, I even gave him a ride home after a dinner shift once.This kind of news serves as a cold reminder that you never truly know what someone is capable of or know what someone is involved in behind closed doors.

Clary was arrested on I-10, going westbound toward Tallahassee. Police attempted to pull Clary over after realizing there was a "Be On the Lookout" (BOLO) on his vehicle. Clary proceeded to drive up to 120mph while weaving in and out of traffic. After a PIT maneuver, the police were able to stop him.

Saturday morning, the Orlando Police and Orlando Fire Department responded to a call about a home fire. After containing the flames, investigators found the body of 24-year-old Kevin Boeren. The medical examiner on the scene determined homicide as the cause of death.

Police did not release how they came to suspect Clary but, after he was apprehended police stated, they found evidence in the vehicle connected to the murder. Clary was arrested by Leon County officers and is awaiting transfer to Orange County.

View the car chase and arrest below.

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