Blue-Green Algae Alert for Florida County

TAMPA -- The state health department says harmful toxins from blue-green algae have shown up in a stretch of the Hillsborough River between Morris Bridge Road and I-75.

The toxins were found in a water sample taken last Thursday (4th).

FDOH says people shouldn't drink, swim, wade, water ski or boat in waters with a visible bloom. If you make contact with discolored or smelly water, wash it off with soap and (different) water. Residents should also keep pets and livestock away.

Healthy freshwater fish caught in the river should be safe to eat, provided you rinse the fillets, throw out the guts and cook the fish well. But shellfish in bloom areas are a no-go for your stomach.

Sunny days, warm weather, and still water are among the factors contributing to blue-green algae according to FDOH.

Photo: FDOH

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