Mayor Sues His City Claiming His Political Opponent Is Not Qualified

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James

Photo: CBS 12

The election season has just ended, but a lawsuit is bringing politics back for West Palm Beach residents.

Mayor Keith James is running for re-election in March and this week he filed suit against his own city to get his opponent off the ballot.

The complaint, which also names the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and candidate Rodney Mayo, states that Mayo is not qualified because he doesn't live in the city. The suit cites a West Palm Beach ordinance that states a mayoral candidate must have continuously resided there for six months prior to the election.

James says Mayo lives in the town of Lantana, but his paperwork lists a home on Clematis Street downtown.

The mayor is asking for an emergency hearing on the matter.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mayo calls the lawsuit "ludicrous" and accuses James of costing taxpayers money through the filing in an attempt to run unopposed.

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