Tim Tebow's New Book Helps Us Focus On What's Most Important

Florida Gator football great Tim Tebow is out with a new book for the holidays to help folks focus on what's really important all year long.

"There are so many things challenging us for our attention," Tebow said during an appearance on Fox and Friends, "and they're saying 'hey make this the most important thing in your day, make this the most important.'"

Tebow says his new one-year devotional, Mission Possible, is 365 days of inspiration.

"Why wouldn't we start our day, one, with the source of life and then, two, with some practicle thoughts to challenge us to maybe get a little uncomfortable, to challenge us to put other people first instead of ourselves."

Tebow said the greatest tragedy is to look back and realize you were successful in things that didn't matter.

Mission Possible One-Year Devotional was released by WaterBrook.

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