Pfizer Whistleblower Comes Forward About Vax Deception

I was hoping, really hoping, to have one-week away from all of this, but this story is too big. Project Veritas calls the series on COVID-19 vaccines the most important in its history, and for good reason. A pro-vaccine, quality auditor with Pfizer for ten years has brought to light documents which prove top level executivers at Pfizer have engaged in a campaign of omission and deception on the vaccine.

Namely, that it uses aborted baby kidney samples in one or two of the mRNA code lines. This has huge implications for millions of Americans as well as religious exemptions, let alone the cognitive decision to engage in a misinformation campaign.

It's an issue of trust.

Speaking of trust.

While I'm at, let's go back to a couple of other segments in this series you need to see in which scientists at Pfizer admit that your post-COVID have stronger immunity than anyone with the vaccine. Could this be about one thing - profit?

Imagine the millions of people who have succumbed to the pressure and mandates who have had the vaccine despite having had COVID-19 already and already have better protection naturally.

And what happens when he is confronted about his statements? He bolts. Why are scientists at Pfizer not being honest about "the science" of the vaccine and its actual role in fighting COVID?

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