CMS Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate Stopped by Federal Court Ruling

I told you!

I told you a ruling in federal court in Missouri would move this issue in other courts. It has, and quickly.

How many times have I reminded you how illberals operate. They do whatever they want until stopped by the courts, but often damage is done. Ask the healthcare workers who quit or were fired over the "CMS Vaccine Mandate." It's the one forcing hospitals and heathcare providers to require vaccines of staff or else.

The mandate has been stopped by a federal judge who implented his order nation-wide (other than states covered by another federal ruling days before).

Here's the ruling.

Here's the injunction.

I have placed both here in case you need to print them out for an employer.

This is a HUGE development for freedom from a forced treatment, not a vaccine, which is not wanted by everyone, but yet has been used to demonize those prefering a different treatment (think Tylenol vs. Advil).

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