January 6th - FBI Refuses To Answer U.S. Senator's Questions

Do you know who Ray Epps is?

I have no idea. In fact, I had never heard of the guy until the U.S. Senate convened the Judiciary Committee to ask questions about the events of January 6th. First and foremost - it was NOT an insurrection. Not one single person has been charged with "insurrection" and that fact matters - a lot.

I want you to be amazed at how little the Asst. Atttorney General for the United States, Matthew Olsen, knows relative to the questions asked. It's not like he is being hit with a bunch of curveballs by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Then watch the avoidance of Jill Sanborn, Exec. Asst. Director, National Security Branch at the FBI.

Some questions are obvious, but they lead to a trap for her...when asked if Ray Epps works for the FBI her reply assures us that he does. She was unwilling to say, "NO" because they could have led to a perjury charge. Use common sense here...this single question can be answered if he does NOT work for the FBI. The answer is, "No" and nothing is compromised for the Feds.

This is a troubling, horrifying set of questions and non-answers.

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