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Voter Resources To Help You Make Decisions

Each election year I am asked to provide election advice on local, state, federal, and judicial contests. Other than a few big races I generally do not oblige. You have to take ownership of the responsibility to educate yourself and decide. You don't need to parrot me.

That stated, I can offer my one hard and fast rule to voting: In primaries vote your heart, in the general election vote with your head. All you need do is think of the disastrous consequences in 2020 when people refused to vote for Donald Trump because they did not like him. Look at what has happened to our country in less than two years. When your person does not win the primary you take your heart out of it and use your brain. Too many ignored that simple advice and we are paying the price.

(Yes, I know Biden was installed and did not necessarily win, but it should not have been close.)

However, you must remember that some primary races can be the general election. For example, in our home county, Leon, some of the races only have two contestants in non-partisan races, so the primary will decide the election. You have to vote in primaries . . . have to and each and every contest matters.

Still, there is a problem finding out about candidates and so I want to offer a voting guide link for Florida. It's from my trusted friend John Stemberger and his staff at the Florida Family Policy Council, FFPC, (here's a statement of explanation on some judicial races). For most of you, this guide will align with what you consider most important. If covers nearly every race, including judicial.

Here's the direct link where you can sign-up for a guide at no cost:

For Leon County voters I would recommend our friend Steve Stewart's publication, Tallahassee Reports and its coverage of local races:

For Bay County, I do not know of any independent news gathering sources which can be trusted, so I would circle back to FFPC's voter guide for your best resource.

Lastly, here are the websites for the County Supervisors of Elections for Leon, Bay, and Thomas counties. If you need sites for other counties just type in the name of the county you live in and add Supervisor of Elections and you will see a link to the site.

If you have suggestions for me to add to this list please email me the link:

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