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It's Show 5,000, Time To Make A Difference

It is humbling to think I have been able to share time with so many people, near and far, for more than two decades which will span 5,000 shows on Tuesday, September 5th. Competitors have come and gone, but you have made it possible for The Morning Show with Preston Scott to be a constant.

I really hope for the milestone program to be just another show where we, Grant Allen and I, do what we do each and every day - provide the best three hours of "infotainment" we can.

When I began the program in March 2002 I ended each show with the line, "Make a difference." It lasted a few years and we then transitioned to turning it into an action statement and the M.A.D. Radio Network was born. The acronym is the idea to Make A Difference and, together, we have done just that in Haiti, Cambodia, Malawi, across the Big Bend and the Panhandle of Florida. We have also tried to support the efforts of others.

In 2014 I started the WFLA Scholarship at one of the State Colleges in Florida, Tallahassee Community College. The scholarship stands for Working For Limitless Achievement. The idea was to help students who do not qualify for Pell grants because they are working their way through school. They're good students, but do not qualify for academic scholarships.

We have done one major fund raiser, nearly a decade ago, and funds from that drive are now running low. As you know, I never ask anyone to consider a project I do not support and you should know my wife and I have been donating to the WFLA scholarship monthly to keep it funded at a modest level, enough to award two scholarships each year.

But we could offer so much more with some help. I believe these are the kind of students we want to assist - hard workers who choose to not go into huge debt to improve their lives. These students end up in our communities across Florida and around the country. So, while the fund is local it has a much larger, broader impact.

For my 5,000th show, I am asking for donations - one-time and recurring - to the WFLA Scholarship.

Go here. To see the scholarship listed simply scroll down to "Non-endowed Foundation Scholarships."

To give click the "Donate" button or click here and in the "Designation" box click "Other" and write "WFLA."

You can also give via check...fill-in "WFLA" in the memo line and make it payable to "TCC Foundation"

Mail it to TCC Foundation, Attn. Kendrah Richards, 444 Appleyard Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32304

Thank you for considering this request and thank you for being part of our radio family.



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