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(Some) Leon County & Tallahassee Candidates Sit Down With Preston

Some information for you to consider before settling in for my interviews.

I sent invitations the first week of June to candidates in local races who were viable candidates. It is a subjective call, but I have only so much time and I made the decisions. So you are clear, there is no such thing as "equal time" as it applied to shows like mine. Most (including broadcast outlets) do not understand the laws on the subject. I can choose to interview whoever I want as often as I want. Equal time applies to advertising, not programming on my show or my podcasts.

However, I try my very best to help you better know candidates ... newcomers and incumbents alike.

The candidates who did not accept the invitation, or take advantage of the offer, are City Commissioner Jacqueline "Jack" Porter, Leon County School Board member Rosanne Wood, and Leon County School board candidate Jeremy Rogers.

In fairness, I will let you know Jeremy did try to sit down with me, but after waiting for a few weeks to hear from him (he had stated he wanted to meet with his team first) he asked to meet on the very day he sent me an email. Sadly, that day was when I was on vacation. So, I offered him several days and times (he is a firefighter, so I tried to be as flexible as possible), but he never replied. As a result, Mr. Rogers joins the list of those who I did not visit with for this series. You can determine your own reasons why each would not have jumped at the chance to have an unfiltered, untimed conversation.

To be clear, many of my guests do not share my views on a great many topics political or philosophical, but they came in regardless and I respect them for doing so.

The visits vary in length and I had no set questions or agenda. I offered to make sure we covered anything they felt was important. We just talked. I hope you find these conversations useful in the primary and/or general election.

All ten interviews are on this page and remember, some of these races could be decided in the August primary, so your decision to vote (or not) could determine the outcome of the election. Not all races will make it to the general election stage.

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