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The Gift That Keeps Giving Could Be The Democrats Presidential Nominee

Kamala Harris has been Joe Biden's ace-up-the-sleeve. A woman so disliked, so inept it kept him from any serious talk of replacing him. So abysmal was her performance in the early part of the 2020 campaign season she was the first out of the Democrat primaries.

I would be remiss if I did not mention "the significance of the passage of time."

If you're not chuckling now, give it a few minutes and watch the video ... you will.

Those words would prove to be a harbinger of Harris because as time passed we all learned how significantly cringeworthy she truly is in nearly all circumstances - official and not. The Vice-Resident's lot was cast. Once vanquished from office she would spend the rest of her life giving inane speeches ... perhaps to mostly empty rooms or talk to equally lacking numbers on MSNBC.

Then the debate happened.

To many of us the debate merely put in front of 51 million people what we already knew. Joe is not fit to be Resident ... let alone President. The media has known all along, but they covered for Joe. After all, Biden was the perfect stooge to sit in for Barack Obama and lay the real nasty parts of his "vision" for America on us all without every having his fingerprints on the deeds.

Of course, the problem is that the evil agenda we have all endured (yes, all of it) was in Barry's blueprint for 2008 and 2012. He just couldn't get most of it across the finish line. Joe (and the Congressional Democrats and some Republicans) got him four more years and look at all the damage.

But back to Kamala and the reason why she has to be the nominee. The money in the campaign fund (lots of money) has to be used by either Biden or Harris and that's it. Democrats have no choice.

There are still plenty of other issues. For example some states have very tight provisions to make a switch to their ballots this late in the game. Oh, and this little monkey wrench to throw in ... Joe is not stepping aside. Maybe I should state Joe AND Jill will not stand down. One moment of consideration of Jill Biden's conduct and handling of her husband (elder abused, if not spousal) illustrates how much she likes the power and position, even if stolen or borrowed (or both).

The party elite can fix that if they want by simply reminding Biden that they know ALL he has done while in office going back to his time as Vice-President. Only time will tell, but for now take a look at how some in the rest of the world view the prospect of Kamala Harris being the Dems nominee.

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