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Poll: 72% Believe the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

CLAY: Guess what? It’s now cold and flu and covid season, but in this era where it’s almost impossible to get anybody to agree on anything, I saw this story and I thought, “This is a perfect story for our times.” There was a study done to find out what%age of Americans believe covid leaked from a Wuhan China lab, and I saw the numbers and I said, “You know what? This is gratifying.”

I actually want to share something that’s positive. First of all, 72% of Americans believe that covid likely escaped from a Chinese lab in Wuhan — 72%. It’s hard to get 72% of Americans to agree on anything right now, and then I read more into this study. And, by the way, the Ronald Reagan Institute did this poll. They polled Democrats, Republicans and independents. Republicans, 86% of us believed it was likely covid leaked from the Wuhan lab.

But even 61% of Democrats and 67% of independents also agreed. That is overall 72% agree. Now, this is interesting, Buck, because this opinion, which the vast majority of Americans of all persuasions — Republicans, Democrats and independents — agree on, they were actually not able, we weren’t, to even share this opinion anywhere on social media — Facebook, Twitter, wherever you might be — without getting banned.

There was this insistence that you had to have the opinion of Dr. Fauci — which he continues to try to spread even though most people don’t agree with it — that this was a natural outgrowth, that it came out of, remember, the food market they had there in Wuhan, which just happened to be right next to the Wuhan lab.

BUCK: What a coincidence that was! China is a very big place with a lot of people. It just so happened to be right next to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

CLAY: Does it make you feel better, though, Buck, to hear that even in these hyperpolarizing times that massive majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents are smart enough and reasonable enough to look at the evidence and say, “I’m not buying what China is trying to sell,” which is that this is an organic, direct-from-an-animal evolution of a virus.

BUCK: I’d like to remind everybody that it wasn’t long ago — it was actually, I think, even earlier this year but certainly in 2020 — that the New York Times and other supposed journalistic enterprises full of lib hacks said that discussion of the Wuhan coronavirus and the Institute of Virology was racist.

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: And if you were talking about that, you were engaged in conspiracy theory, you were engaged in “wrong think,” and they don’t care that they were so wrong on that. They didn’t stop and say, “Hold on a second. Maybe that mentality of we have such certainty that we believe we should be able to sensor other opinions to actually prevent them from each being heard, maybe that itself is the problem.” They never take it. That’s what they’re doing right now. They’re doing it all over again, I’m sure. You’ve had tweets recently, I certainly have. They add this link to CDC sources, covid thing.

CLAY: And you can’t share them anymore.

BUCK: You can’t. You say, “What’s this all about? Have I said anything wrong?” No, they want you to know that the Eye of Sauron is watching you all the time, and you’d better not step out of line or they’ll slap you down. Meanwhile where are the big pieces on what Fauci and Walensky and the rest were saying in June of this year about what the future looked like and what vaccination would do and how this would bring us out of it, and how they were appalling wrong.

Where are those big think pieces where they’re now telling us that boosters are not only necessary, but — as we all know — soon to be mandatory? And if we, as we did, pointed this out months ago, you’re a conspiracy theorist — until you’re right with this. It is what keeps happening over and over again.

CLAY: What about just the basic question from somebody in the media? We get a lot of media who listen to us. Rush famously said this show was show prep for a lot of people. If you get an opportunity to question Dr. Fauci because he won’t come on the show, what about just directly asking this question: Dr. Fauci, run through all the things that he’s been wrong about, including as recently as May, when you said, “Hey, if you get vaccinated you’re never going to have to wear a mask again.” Why should we believe you now? Based on all the things that you’ve gotten wrong, why should we trust you now? I’d love to hear what his answer is.

BUCK: Me too.

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