Former Trump Chief of Staff Agrees to Cooperate with Jan. 6 Panel

Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Briefs Media At The White House

Photo: Getty Images

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has agreed to cooperate with the House committee's investigation of the January 6 Capitol riots.

According to CNN, Meadows has agreed to provide records and meet for an interview with the committee.

"He has produced records to the committee and will soon appear for an initial deposition," said Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson.

"The Select Committee expects all witnesses, including Mr. Meadows, to provide all information requested and that the Select Committee is lawfully entitled to receive," Thompson added. "The Committee will continue to assess his degree of compliance with our subpoena after the deposition."

Meadows' lawyer told CNN that he and the committee have an agreement on how to handle information in the future. 

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